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The Art of Self-Care

Years ago I was introduced to a book that focused on one main point…love. Possessing gratitude and love for moments in your past and present opens you up to receiving more wonderful moments and more love. You are guided to turn away from negative or bad feelings and situations by simply not giving them any attention, thus harnessing the true power within. Sounds great, … Read More The Art of Self-Care


Dream Big, Discover Your Heart

If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. Dr. Maya Angelou I’ve been told that I’m like a box of fine chocolates. Sometimes you experience a piece and it’s amazing – the best you’ve ever had, sweet, unique and fully enjoyable. Sometimes, you experience a piece, you pause…unsure if you like what you’re getting as it’s … Read More Dream Big, Discover Your Heart