The beautiful May Lindstrom

Many of women around the world are currently having the same problem. The current stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 virus have prevented us from keeping our regular beauty salon appointments. And for women of a certain age… that means gray hair.

After spending several years in the hair care industry, I learned a lot about hair care. From the services of cut and color to the products needed to create the perfect style. Despite years in beauty as a whole, the hair care game was an education.

Despite all of that, however… I am faced as of late as to whether or not to embrace the beautiful little wisps of silver threads that have made their way into my crown. But the stigma that gray hair equates to old is one I ponder as I choose to embrace the highlights I’ve earned and also embrace a chemical-free lifestyle.

My biggest inspiration in the clean beauty movement is May Lindstrom. This angel of self care and healing is the ultimate beauty chef. Not only has she created a luxe line of beauty treats to feed your skin, she 100% walks the talk. From model to entrepreneur, she has chosen not to color her hair due to the tremendous amount of chemicals found in traditional hair dyes.

So, what are your thoughts on the topic? To gray or not to gray? That, my beautifully inspired one, is the question.

2 Comments on “To Gray or Not to Gray

  1. I haven’t been able to let go of this one yet. I’m not ready. I often wonder about how to do it gracefully when I am, but I just am not ready, despite having a lot of white hairs now that I fight.

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    • This seems to be the sentiment of many, Abby. Luckily, when you are ready, there are many resources available. A skilled hair stylist who is well trained, like those at AVEDA salons, are specifically trained in how to do this. Specifically an amazing artist by the name of Lupe Voss created an amazing class called “Grasping the Greys” in which she educates on the techniques that will produce beautiful results at any stage.


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