I just love meaningful conversations. Ones that are deep, purposeful and honest. There are few things I enjoy more than sitting down, face to face in person, or via the web with a friend or colleague and discussing things that really matter. Feelings. Desires. Dreams. Fears. Intelligent points-of-view. All of it. I love it and I am truly interested.

The desire to create a safe place is a mission of mine. A sanctuary for all things beautiful, inspiring and meaningful, I have found myself finding out more about the people in my life just by asking questions and listening. What I found is everyone wants to feel relaxed. They want to be able to exhale and relish in the peace that comes with the hard work, the sacrifices and the expended energy that leaves us with very little extra to go around whether it is needed for your family or yourself. But the bottom line is – you’ve got to take care of you. People are depending on you – even if it is just yourself. There really isn’t any other alternative if you want the feeling of the air filling your lungs with nourishing breaths and the power to go on.

Let me ask you…what matters most to you? What is beauty? What do you seek support in? What keeps you up at night? If you found a resource for the things that matter most to you, that you trusted, would you use it? Tell me more by commenting below.



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