Although we are one month in to the season of spring, there is still ample time left to maximize this beautiful time of renewal for your beauty needs. With most of America advised to self quarantine due to the COVID-19 Virus, it seems that doing small things everyday to improve the quality of your spirit, mind and body prove helpful in dealing with these situations that leave us all experiencing things we never have before.

Technically speaking, just in the world of skincare, the three months of Spring is one of four times a year your skin changes into different phases. In most cases, in the United States, skin is “thawing out” similar to the ice on the ground. New cells are currently being made and the mild temperatures allow for this to happen without your skin dealing with other conditions that can be strictly temperature related such as dryness, redness and tightness due to cold and/or dry air.

The best way to facilitate this regeneration of new surface skin is to exfoliate. There are two types of exfoliation you can do to help bring about a beautiful glow and get your skin in tip-top shape: Chemical and mechanical. They both have the same end goal, bright, smooth and even skin. The difference is how the end result is achieved.

Being a beauty enthusiast for the past 25 years, I have ALWAYS felt exfoliation was the center of a good skincare routine. My years at CLINIQUE taught me so. However, through my study of cleaner and more natural ways to exfoliate the skin, I am now dazzled with the offerings of such brands as May Lindstrom Skin and Tata Harper.

One of the main things I learned was to think of exfoliation like exercise. If you have never exercised before, you may start with a 5 lb weight when choosing to tone your arms, for example. After some time, that same 5 lb weight won’t be enough to achieve the results you are looking for so you amp it up by choosing an 8 or 10 lb weight. And you continue in this way until desired results are achieved and/or to maintain what you have created. It is the same with exfoliation. You may start with a granular scrub 1-2 x week, then increase to every other day. Eventually you are doing it every day.

My new favorite for daily exfoliation is Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser. This creamy, yet effective cleanser smells like a fruit smoothie and it is pretty substantial. 2 pumps on dry skin massaged all over face and neck feels like heaven. I use this in the morning before I take my shower. In the evening, my exfoliation of choice has been IS Clinical Active Serum. This smoothes the pores like nothing else I have ever tried. It cleared up troubled skin, especially hormonal acne which is prevalent in 80% of women from 11-30 and many (including me) have it far beyond their 30’s without help. I am currently trying a new brand that I’ve been admiring from afar up until now, Kypris Beauty. Their Moonlight Catalyst is a gentle, herbal alternative to retinoid preparations for nighttime exfoliation. It smells of Neroli – perfect for bedtime. I’m still on the fence if it does what my IS Clinical does.

The Problem Solver Mask in my beautiful Grund Robe

I also mask as often as I can (which is often as of late). The steps that go into an effective masking routine are important and well worth the effort.
1. Cleanse with a gentle, yet effective cleanser either in the shower, where steam can open pores, or use a warm washcloth to remove cleanser at your sink. This enables your skin to open up to receive the treatments that are coming.
2. Exfoliate gently. Using Tata’s Cleanser, this can serve both purposes. Cleanser and exfoliator. (two for one is always good!)
3. Right now, I have three different masks in rotation. A resurfacing, purifying and correcting My all star favorite is the correcting mask, The Problem Solver, by skincare goddess May Lindstrom. It is worth the splurge, lasts forever and has a multitude of functions. I highly encourage the purchase!
4. Removal is best back in the shower, but a warm cloth will help. I love the cloths from Grove Collaborative (I love this brand for everything home cleaning! More to come on why I love Grove).
5. While skin is still wet, dripping in fact, I have found the best results using two other skincare jewels: The Youth Dew and The Blue Cocoon, simultaneously. Massaging into the skin while the aroma of blue tansy and rose envelop your senses positions this experience as the absolute creme de la creme in beauty self-care. I even use these two items around my eyes so there is no need for a separate eye cream.

Et voilà! Your skin is soft, smooth radiant and nearly pore-less. I recommend you start once a week (Sunday is a great day for an at home spa-day) then work up to two, even three days per week. Believe me, your skin will thank you and you will enjoy the compliments!

My favorite place to purchase these treats are directly from their own sites. Nothing beats the un-boxing of a shipment from May. It is by far one heck of an experience. And everything ships with her compliments!

I also love getting my Tata & Kypris from Citrine Natural Skin as they provide you with samples with every order and have a great loyalty program. As of now, the best place to purchase IS Clinical is from Dermstore as they have a great subscription program where you can save 15%.

Something important to remember…what is good for my skin may not be what’s best for yours. I recommend you visit a licensed esthetician or consult with a skincare specialist. Just be sure you are consulting with someone who not only has the experience, but also great listening skills. You should be asked several open-ended questions when determining what is the best routine for your skin. Consults with me are always complimentary. Allow me to use my 25 years of experience in skin and beauty, along with my passion, help you find the best routine no matter the season.

Download your own masking guide here

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