If God says I am highly favored, then I will not talk myself out of it. I believe I am highly favored. If God says the impossible can happen, then I believe the impossible will happen.

Joel Osteen

I was recently on a ”juice date” with a dear friend of mine. Someone who I would describe as an angel as she is ethereal, peaceful, kind and radiates love and compassion. She is a beacon of light in dark times and always seems to know just what I need to hear, or when I need to be reminded that I am a daughter of a King.

It had been an exceptionally trying time for me. Raising teenage girls, dealing with the loss of their father and struggling to find out where I belong. It seems right where I am is where I am suppose to be. God knows the plan for my life – not me. And I am constantly reminded of this when I ask too hard.

This friend, with her lightness and warmth, helped me to feel at peace. Despite my saddness and feelings of loss, guilt and inadequacy – I left her with an inner quiet that had long been gone. Signs are everywhere, I notice. We just have to be quiet enough to see them. They come in waves, like our emotions, like whispers of reassurance and reminders to have faith.

It was then that I saw a sign, another beautiful woman. A friend of my angel’s. A mother. She was with her husband and one of her teenage daughters. She bore a rather large tattoo on her forearm that elegantly read “highly favored”. It struck me as significant that this woman, much like me, had remembered enough of the fact that she has been chosen by God. That she was in fact -as we all are – greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved.

What is your source of inspiration and purpose? Do you have a support system? Let me know in the comments.

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