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Five Steps to Welcome the Fall Season, Beautifully

As Labor Day marks the end of the cultural summer season, from a beauty perspective, there are a few things I do to welcome in the Fall and prepare to fully embrace what’s in store with the changing leaves.

Fall is my favorite season. My birthday is in fall. I love the aroma of a rich stew in the slow cooker, the crema on a cup of pumpkin spice coffee. The rich colors, the soft fabrics and the heady perfumes that conjure up dreams of elegance and opulence warm my soul.

Here’s my five best tips to welcome in the fall season:

  1. Re-asses your skin.
    Your skin changes approximately four times a year; with the seasons. Temperature fluctuations between cold outdoors and heat indoors play a big role in that. Capillaries constrict, thus affecting our glow. Moisture barriers are affected by moisture evaporation. Therefore it is a good idea to get your skin assessed by a professional. This can be a visit to your dermatologist, licensed esthetician or a trusted and well-educated beauty consultant. (More on this in future posts…) I’m loving my serums from IS CLINICAL as well as the NEW Arbonne Bio-Hydria.
  2. Switch up that body lotion to a richer cream.
    I LOVE body creams and oils, especially ones with a light, clean aroma. I start with dry brushing, a grainy exfoliant and then follow with a hydrating product. What I’m Using NOW – is great for both moms and teens!
  3. Dewy Lips are a BIG Fashion Trend for Autumn/Winter 2019.
    Since gloss is so much fun – and easy – to wear, this is great on just about everyone. I recently discovered this gem. It’s super hydrating, has an awesome texture and the applicator is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. There is an array of colors great for any skin-tone.
  4. Change your basic accessories.
    I’m loving the look of distressed leather and have found some new accessories to help stylishly organize my essentials. I’ve received so many compliments on this bag. You can fit just about anything in it and it is very lightweight.
  5. Warm-up your fragrance game.
    Ah, the smell of a beautiful fragrance. Coco Chanel once said, “a woman who doesn’t wear fragrance has no future.” It is something I rarely go without. So many to choose from and new launches coming out monthly, there is always something new to experience. My signature is one I’ve been wearing for nearly ten years now. I find it very sexy and rare.

I love talking about beauty. It’s the one thing that can instantly make me feel great no matter what I am doing. After all, I 100% believe if you look good, you feel good. And confidence, my dear, is absolutely everything.

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