Wisdom begins in wonder.


I have a mission to make the world a better place. To leave a legacy for my children. To leave people better than when I found them. To see the gold, not the dirt. Ultimately to encourage dreaming, elevate soars and expedite wins of everyone I touch. Seems like a big goal, huh? Well, what else am I to do with this one precious life? I can think of no better calling.

I am married to the love of my life, Kendel, mother to three daughters and a former city girl now living in the South. I love all things beautiful, scented and luxurious. I enjoy quality, deep conversations with people old and new. Coffee and Champagne are my favorite beverages and I am happiest mentoring and giving of myself, my experiences and advice.

I started Beautifully Inspired five years ago to empower and build strong women and teens. With a focus on beauty and talent development as cornerstones to building inner confidence, I hope to now use this platform to share what I love, my viewpoints and ultimately provide a resource of wisdom to aid you in living your best possible life.

Welcome. I’ve been expecting you…..

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